I need more cardigans in my life. 

I immediately thought about corgis…oy. lol!

Pahaha, I wouldn’t mind the doggy variety either, lets be honest! 

I need more cardigans in my life. 

she was so upset she wasn’t out of the cage. I poked some sticks through to try and stop her chewing the bars, and she literally yanked them from my hands, carried them half way across the cage, dropped them, ran back to me, and continued bar chewing. 

ate too many apples and drank too much coke today 

For the people wondering where I got my hamster cage from (I get asked about it quite a lot), it’s the Alexander Hamster Cage from the website Zooplus. It’s increased quite a bit in price since I ordered mine, but if you have the money for it, I definitely recommend it. I adore the zooplus website, it has some of the best pet care products available. 

Found this oldies in my recycle bin. Miss these dudes <3